Why Elite?

Why Elite?

At Elite Laser Tag Equipment, our simple business model, industry-leading 5 year warranty, easy financing, and customer service and optional full marketing package separates us from our competitors.

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“Unpack and Play” is our business motto. When you arrive at an event, you should be able to unpack your laser tag equipment, battle props, and prepare your clients for the laser tag experience of a lifetime, and play. When you use Elite Laser Tag Equipment laser taggers and equipment, you’ll never need the internet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

The more parts and technology that are required, the higher the risk of something going wrong. Create a successful business with minimal equipment, quick set up and no headaches.

Customer Service

At Elite Laser Tag Equipment, if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. Partner with a company that will answer your calls quickly and get you to the right team member right away. We pride ourselves on helping you hit the ground running and start each new field operator with a one on one training call.
We are now offering all levels of repair and upgrade kits so you can keep your taggers in perfect working condition and are creating a series of training videos to empower you to offer the best experience for your players and know your gear inside and out.
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Warranty. The industry's best.

Every laser tagger from Elite Laser Tag Equipment comes with a lifetime warranty on the outer shell and a five-year warranty on all the internal parts. The warranty is the standard to which every company should hold themselves. Don’t partner with a company that lacks confidence in their products and only offers a six to twelve-month warranty.

After the first twelve months is when the durability and reliability of your equipment will begin to be tested. At Elite Laser Tag Equipment, we are confident in our product because we manufacture and check everything in-house. What does this mean for you? The guarantee of top quality, American made products. If you ever need to have your equipment repaired, you won’t have to wait on overseas shipping or customs.

When you partner with Elite Laser Tag Equipment, you will benefit from easy financing plans. Many new business owners can’t afford to purchase equipment, implement marketing strategies, and hire staff right from the start. Reduce your stress, and make low monthly payments as your business grows.