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We're with you every step of the way, from business plan to equipment and on to success.


Elite Laser Tag Equipment is not just a laser tag manufacturer. We do not sell you equipment and wish you good luck. We are a full service business. One of our staff members will walk you through every step of the process of starting your business and making it profitable.

We have been running a successful local Mobile Laser Tag business since 2013. We started out as small-time laser tag operators before we were laser tag and equipment manufacturers. This is important to you, because it means we were able to learn the hard way exactly what kind of mistakes are made in this industry, and we use this knowledge to make sure that you don’t suffer the same early pitfalls.

Here is our Facebook Page for our local laser tag business.

Laser tag mobile business opportunity training


You should be very excited about your new business and the journey you are about to embark on, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that owning a product plus having a general knowledge of social media platforms means that you are ready to start a business. Partner with a company that can offer you an Independent Website (see an example), Booking System and Social Media Campaign.

We have Operators all over the world and we listen. We also communicate on our Operator’s Private Facebook Forum and you will be invited. Elite Laser Tag Equipment has been selling Laser Tag Equipment as a mobile business for over six years and this equipment has been in operation since 2004. This isn’t our first rodeo and we can help you hit the ground running!

Elite Laser Tag equipment business training


Receive a free consultation from people who will always be laser tag operators first, and manufacturers second. There are no pushy salespeople at Elite Laser Tag Equipment! Among the first things you will be asked is “What are your goals?” and “Tell me about yourself”. Together, we will develop the best laser tag equipment package to help you succeed based on your business plan, ambitions, and budget.

Elite Laser Tag equipment for mobile and facility business