Questions about elite laser tag equipment?

All Elite Laser Tag Equipment Laser tag equipment is American Engineered and Designed.

All source code and programmers are 100% in-house partners that only work for Elite Laser Tag Equipment Laser tag equipment (no other laser tag companies). This mindset protects our field stability and business future. We realize that bad code is bad business.

We alpha test our new code and updates at our Operations Center in Texas and again at own high-volume mobile laser tag business in North Carolina, Backyard Laser Tag Party. Ensuring code is ready to go and near bug-free instead of using our active field owners as guinea pigs

Elite Laser Tag Equipment uses a game-changing technology called over the air radio programming. We are the only system in the world that can reprogram any and all taggers by only turning the taggers on and hitting a button. No need to have crazy software plugins and hours of switching cables and keeping track of what tagger has had what done to it. We just activate, hit a button and each tagger loads over the radio and reports back when finished with its success status code and then making it ready to play! This is a massive game changer allowing us more features and upgrades without risking our field partners. One button and the programming is all done!

No, Elite Laser Tag Equipment spent several years designing a platform that allowed us to use a new technology called mesh networking over the radio that allows us to use Radio (RF) to control and transmit all game data through each tagger. This is done by simply turning on each tagger and letting them link together over a few seconds. This makes Elite Laser Tag Equipment lead the world in reliability and simplicity by having all the bells and whistles without messing with the nightmare of WIFI and having to hunt and peck for a stable internet signal if one is even available.

Elite Laser Tag Equipment GMS is a result of over 15 years of design and manufacturing experience. It is simple to learn and easy to train staff to operate. When a Field Operator receives their Game Management System, a training/set up call is scheduled. After the call, trainers are still available by phone.

Our equipment has been being used worldwide for over 15 years.

Well over 24,000 taggers and 14,000 props, game boxes, and supplies.

We have sold to every continent except Antarctica. We have support centers in the UK and Spain and are adding more every year. These centers can help with Sales, Operations, and Repairs. Allowing you to continue to operate your business without having to rely solely on the main Headquarters.

Elite Laser Tag Equipment is the only company to offer a 5-year limited warranty.

Our warranty covers everything for five years except the Radio, Batteries, Scope, and Sensors. These are items that we cover for 30 days which generally only break through abuse. Each item is fairly cost-effective to replace if broken. All other items are fully covered. The shell has a lifetime warranty.

No, we encourage you to open and repair your own tagger when they have an issue that needs attention. With some companies, opening a tagger will void your warranty. We also offer a variety of repair kits. We believe in teaching our Operators to know their gear inside and out and avoid any downtime.

Simple! If a part breaks or stops working, call or send us an email, we will work with you to confirm your warranty and give you instructions to send us the defective or broken parts. When your repairs are completed, we let you know, collect the shipping charge and ship your repaired parts back to you. We also have an online store where you can fill your cart and check out safely and quickly. 

Absolutely! Call or email us, we will work with you to confirm your warranty and give you instructions to send it in. We will triage and repair the tagger, let you know the tagger is repaired, collect the shipping charge and ship your tagger back to you.

You the field owner pays all shipping. We provide the parts and provide free labor to repair if you send equipment to us for repair. We do the fix and you pay to get it here and back in a timely manner.

We have long term vendor relationships that vary from making specific parts for us to vendors that source for Elite Laser Tag Equipment using our Engineer’s specs and requirements needed to produce the level of quality we demand.

The Great State of Texas! Our equipment is professionally assembled in- house with a dedicated QA process and tested at our Operations Center in Texas and again at own high-volume mobile laser tag business in North Carolina, Backyard Laser Tag Party.

Lifetime Warranty. Elite Laser Tag Equipment will 100% replace any broken Razorback Shell.

Yes, Elite Laser Tag Equipment takes pride in our status as a Veteran owned company. We cover every branch of the military in our staff and family with the exception of the Airforce.

Elite Laser Tag Equipment offers a hotline for Field Operators to call for assistance with training and operating their equipment. We also employ knowledgeable Sales Staff for additional purchases, an Operations Manager for assistance with warranties and Owner/Operators that are available to ensure the BEST Customer Service. All of the Elite Laser Tag Team has experience running a local laser Tag business. The Owners have run Mobile Laser Tag since 2013, three of our staff currently run local Laser Tag Businesses. We don’t just sell this amazing opportunity!