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Customers come to your business, indoors or out.

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Gimme Shelter!

Depending on where you are located, weather can be an obstacle to business that is hard to over come. If you are running a mobile laser tag business and a large storm is coming in for the weekend, you could lose all the revenue you had counted on.

Besides pop up storms and unexpected weather, just the fact that in the southern USA the summers can be 110 degrees and in the far north, even Spring and Fall can bring temperatures far below freezing, and neither of these temperature extremes are good for an outdoor business!

A recent study showed that in 2018, upwards of 28% of the available weekend days for outdoor activities experienced weather disruptions that cost business revenue losses.

An indoor venue will assure that the party can go on, which means the money can flow in no matter what the weather may bring.

Wide Open Spaces...

Mobile laser tag caters to clients with large yards, field, woods or other open areas. But many potential clients just do not have a space suitable for mobile laser tag. Those customers will seek out a facility environment for their parties.

A facility can also add to the experience with special lighting, props, laser beams and fog machines giving the customer a more immersive experience.  An “outdoor” laser tag facility can be set up relatively inexpensively using crude “forts,” abandoned vehicles, large tires and other easily-found items.

The ability to create a special atmosphere that can be customized and available every dall, all year can bring revenue more consistently than mobile laser tag businesses.

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More Attractions, more profit.

Depending on the size of the facility, it is possible to add additional attractions within your facility that can bring in additional revenue streams.  Arcade games appeal to many, and these can be leased or purchased outright.

Some facilities add axe-throwing, go-karts and more. With large spaces, the possibilities are endless.

Increase profits by offering food, drinks, snacks, even pizza. No kitchen? Partner up with a local pizza chain and have pizza delivered for parties or during regular business hours.

It's a big project. We can Help.

Depending on your location and the size of the space, rent can run from $5,000 to $20,000 a month or more. Luckily the “finish out” of a facility is relatively inexpensive as you can create or obtain props like barrels, wire spools, stacks of tires, or virtually any other items you can hide behind, and decorate your facility on a budget.

It still can be daunting to take on the challenges of opening a facility, but since we have done it multiple times as ASHQ and helped hundreds of fields open their doors, we are here to assist you when you are ready.

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